14 Most Gorgeous Girls from Sports World

Most men love sports; they are intrigued by it. More intriguing to a man is a beautiful woman who loves sport. Not a woman who is trying to like it but a woman who genuinely like it and is good at it. There are women who claim to love sports like basketball, baseball or football but do not know what the game is all about.

This article would show you 17 of gorgeous girls in the sports world who know what they are doing. The list contains athletes from various sports and a variety of countries.

  1. Caroline Wozniacki:
Source: upload.wikimedia.org

She was born in Poland on the 11th of July 1990. This beautiful woman was the former world No. 1 on the WTA Tour; she held the position for 67weeks as at 23 January 2012. Caroline was the first Scandinavian woman to clinch the top ranking position and 20th overall. She is one of the most beautiful women in the sports world.