17 Most Creepiest and Scariest Places around the World

Although there are many places that are widely known to be haunted and scary with various tales making them seem like mere folk tales. There are some places that would make even the most hardened unbeliever have a rethink. Listed in this article are 17 of such places spread across the world. Many mark the location of terrible and daunting deaths, either due to murder or the result of imprisonment within dungeons or mental institutions.

Although you may are likely to have heard about some of them, here are the 17 of the creepiest and scariest places around the world. They include:

  1. Monte Cristo Homestead in Australia:

    Source: i.dailymail.co.uk

This is seen as one of the most haunted vicinity in Australia due to the amount of tragic and violent deaths that have taken place here. Some people have died accidentally and had sudden deaths while others were violently murdered, leading to a high paranormal activity in the vicinity.