9 Most Delicious Restaurants in India

When you delve into the history of Indian cuisine, it will soon become clear that the country has a diversified food culture. While most westerners know Indian cuisine by a few curries and some traditional favorites, the typical Indian food is much more beyond the familiar favorites. While some Indian regions are heavily influenced by immigrant food cultures, many Indian states and cities proudly offer all foodies their typical regional taste through a hearty Indian meal. There is no better way to enjoy some traditional fare by taking a food-inspired tour of the country. Here are our nine top restaurant recommendations in India.

1. Bukhara, Delhi:

Bukhara, Delhi
Source: bbeautilicious

Start your culinary expedition in India right from the country’s vibrant capital city. This iconic restaurant in ITC Maurya offers an inviting and regal setting for guests to sit back, relax and enjoy some traditional culinary delights. A meal at Bukhara is not just about food, but it is all about the experience. The menu features many delicious Indian curries, rice dishes and sides. What makes Bukhara so popular is its famous charcoal smoke infused Daal Bukhara. This creamy lentil dish is a must-have here.