The 13 Symptoms of Cancer that Nobody Should Ignore

Most people are guilty of this; you feel an underlying pain, and you just brush it off without doing anything about it. Although most times it turns out to be nothing, other times it could be a symptom of a much bigger issue.

For most people heading to the doctor because of a minor pain which they think would vanish is not a major thing on their priority list, this can be bad if it means you ignored some of the early signs of cancer.

One of the ideal ways to ward off this disease is to get it while it’s still in the early stages. This is when it’s more prone to treatment. The issue is that some of the warning signs for many kinds of cancer seem minor.

This article would serve as a guide to keep you informed about the 13 symptoms of cancer that nobody should ignore, they are worth nothing, and a doctor should be visited if you notice any of those signs.

The 13 symptoms include:

  1. Problems when you Urinate
    Source: steptohealth.com


Many people experience some problems urinating as they get older, some of these problems include;

  • The need to urinate more often especially during the night
  • The urgent and uncontrollable need to go urinate
  • Issues when you start to pee or a weak stream.

Although the following symptoms may be caused by an enlarged prostate gland, it can also be caused by prostate cancer. It’s best to visit your doctor when these symptoms are noticed so as to pinpoint the cause of the problems. There are exams given to look for an enlarged prostate and also blood tests called PSA tests for prostate cancer.