The Seven Most Expensive Hotels in the United Kingdom

There’s something for every vacationer in the United Kingdom. The stunning beauty of the Hebrides and Highlands of Scotland will thrill the nature lover. The stately homes and gardens of the Cotswolds and Downs will resonate with Downton Abbey fans. Lovers of family-style getaways will find many a delightful caravan park in the countryside of Wild Wales.
But if you’re rolling in cash – or would just like to pretend that you are — why not plan a vacation getaway in one of the UK’s priciest hotels? Here’s a list of the seven most expensive hotel suites in the Sceptred Isle. The most gloriously exorbitant hotels are all located in London. But who wants to spend every minute of his or her vacation in the city? There are some pricey places elsewhere in the UK as well.
Before you read on, though, be warned: each of the following hotels charges over £1000 (that’s more than $1400 USD) per night, and some of them well over that amount.
Ready for a fantasy hotel excursion? Read on!
1. Mandarin Oriental
 Mandarin Oriental
Source: Pixabay

Brace yourself. The Royal Suite at the Mandarin Oriental will set you back £18,000 per night. That’s nearly $26,000 USD. Of course you do get the royal treatment for this much cash: your own personal butler, a menu from which you can select your pillows, artwork of your choice, a view of Hyde Park. The room has a huge balcony, so if it’s not raining and you’re in the mood, invite a party of 40 or so guests to enjoy an alfresco evening.